About us

About us

MDS Systems is a service and production company providing services in the field of mechanical design and manufacture of industrial automation.
Our business is based on the rich experience, knowledge of our employees and continuous improvement. Both our know-how in the field of industrial automation and experience in various types of projects ensures the execution of contracted design, construction and assembly works at the highest level..

With our best practices in project management, PRINCE IN CONTROLled Enviroment and PMBOK, we guarantee our clients to meet their delivery deadlines.

Every project we treat is highly individualized and the solutions we propose are flexible and tailored to the requirements and specifications of our clients.

MISSION OF THE COMPANY is to provide the highest quality construction solutions, which are the guarantee of FULFILLING THE REQUIREMENTS AND EXPECTATIONS OF OUR CUSTOMERS.

Our aim is to improve the quality of our products and services, through constant development of the company and the implementation of new technologies that will enable us to fully meet the constantly growing needs of our customers.


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