About us


MDS Systems is a servicing & manufacturing firm working in the area of designing and manufacturing mechanical constructions in the field of industrial automation.

The activities of our company is based on wide experience, knowledge of our workers and continuous betterment. Both our know-how in the field of industrial automation and our experience in the accomplishment of various types of projects ensure that our designing and manufacturing-assembly works will be of the top level.

Thanks to the best project management practices, basing on such methods like PRINCE2 (PRoject IN Controlled Environment) and PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) our clients are guaranteed meeting deadlines of their order completion.

Each project is treated in a highly individual way – the solutions suggested by us are flexible and particularly fitted to the requirements and client specification.

MISSION of the firm is ensuring the highest quality of construction solutions which guarantee MEETING REQUIREMENTS AND EXPECTATIONS of our clients.

TARGET of the firm is improving products and services through continuous development and introducing new technologies which allow us fully to satisfy continuously growing needs of our clients.